Paste Mixers


Torrance Laboratory Pilot Scale 2 Litre Jacketed Paste Mixer

Demountable mild steel mixing bowl 120mm Dia x 210mm deep with low pressure heating / cooling jacket.

BCH 160 Litres Stainless Steel Z Blade Mixer

5 kW 415/3/50 main drive with gearbox reduction. Mechanical tilt discharge with 0.75 kW 415/3/50 motor.

Enrico Molteni Model TM600SV Stainless Steel Vacuum Dispersion Mixer

Enrico Molteni

25hp 415/3/50 FLP motor with mechanical speed variator. 480 - 2200 rpm shaft speed. 300mm DIA stainless steel saw tooth disperser blade.Complete with 450 litre mobile mild steel mixing pan 850mm dia x 800mm deep.