Hammer / Comminuting Mills


Apex Engineering 314 Stainless Steel Hammer Mill

12 off rotary hammer blades. 2.2 kW 2850-rpm 415/3/50 motor. Mounted on a mobile frame.

Mikropul Limited Mikropulveriser Size 2W Cast Iron / Steel Hammer Mill

15hp 2900 rpm 380-440/3/50 drive motor. Mounted on mild steel support frame. Top feed hopper

Christy Turner Miracle Mill Size 2 Cast Iron Hammer Mill

Christy Turner

Grinding chamber 500mm DIA x 260mm WIDE with centrifugal discharge fan. 30kW 2930-rpm 380-440/3/50 motor. Complete with vibro feeder and tramp iron magnet.

Hosakawa Alpine 250Z Cast Iron / Steel Pin Mill

Hosakawa Alpine

Round pins on rotary and stationary faces. Complete with rotary valve feeder and tramp iron magnet.

Mikropul Limited Pulveriser Type TH1800 Stainless Steel Hammer Mill

300mm WIDE x 600mm dia rotor consisting of 24 sets of 4 hammers. Total 96 hammers. Spare rotor arrangement available. Powder feed through 3 off 80mm dia holes with auger screws.

Hosakawa Hammer Mill

Hosokawa Rietz

24 off fixed rotary hammers on 100mm DIA shaft. 460mm DIA x 420mm DEEP grinding chamber. 75 kW 1486-rpm 415/3/50 direct coupled motor.