Ploughshare Powder Mixer


Lodige FM130D1MZ Stainless Steel Jacketed Vacuum Ploughshare Blender 130 litres

5 bar jacket. EExd IIB T4 rated side refiner and variable speed main drive. Bomb door discharge.

Winkworth Model RT200 Stainless Steel Powder Paste Mixer

7.5kW 1440-rpm 415/3/50 EExd IIB T4 main drive motor. 4kW 1430-rpm 380-420/3/50 side intensifier. Bomb door discharge.

Morton FKM300 Stainless Steel Jacketed Ploughshare Powder Mixer 300 Litres

.Mild steel heating cooling jacket rated for 0.5 bar working pressure. 1000mm LONG x 630mm DIA blender chamber. 5kW 415/3/50 SEW Eurodrive geared motor drive. 48 rpm shaft output speed.


Morton 2000D Stainless Steel Jacketed Ploughshare Mixer 2000 Litres

1220mm DIA x 1815mm LONG blending chamber. Full body slim line low-pressure temperature control jacket. 37 kW 380-42/3/50 1475-rpm main drive motor. Output speed speed 115.6 rpm. Twin 5.5 kW 2910-rpm 415/3/50 four blade refiners.


Lodige FKM 2000D Stainless Steel Ploughshare Blender 2000 Litres

45kW 1475-rpm 380/3/50 main drive through fluid coupling to Flender type SZN160 gearbox giving 118-rpm shaft output speed. 3 off side mount triple set 4-blade refiners driven by 7.5kW 2910-rpm 380/3/50 direct coupled motors. Bomb door discharge.

Lodige FKM 2000D 2ZF Stainless Steel Jacketed Ploughshare Blender 2000 Litres

84kW 1490-rpm 380/3/50 Exe G1/G2/G3 main drive coupled to FLENDER type SZN 200 gearbox giving 114-rpm shaft output speed. 2 off side mount 4-blade "tulip cutters" driven by 7.5kW 2905-rpm 400/3/50 direct coupled motors. Non-FLP

Jacket Maximum Working Pressure: 5 barg           

Jacket Maximum Working Temperature: 158 Celsius

Internal working Pressure: Atmospheric