Vibratory Sieves


Gough Vibrecon 24'' Stainless Steel Sieve

Single Deck.

Russell Finex A14058/2 Stainless Steel Sieve

Russell Finex model: A14058/2 stainless steel single deck 360mm DIA compact oscillating sieve.


Tapis Teknik VSC DF 1200 Stainless Steel Sieve

2 off 1200mm DIA screens plus intermediate "ball deck''. 2.0 kW 1500-rpm 380-415/3/50 motor. Unused.

William Boulton type QR1-1/SS/TC 18" DIA Stainless Steel Single Deck Sieve


Fully enclosed with oversize and undersize take off. Top centre feed with top access hatch. 0.32kW 230-400/3/50 1500-rpm motor.