Peristaltic Pumps


Watson Marlow 601S Lab Scale Peristaltic Pump

0.2kW 240/1/50 reversible / variable speed drive complete with speed  controller.  Maximum flowrate 6.6 l/min at 100 rpm, (max speed with 15.9mm hose)

Verderflex VF10 Peristaltic Pump

10mm flanged inlet and outlet connections. 0.25kW 415/3/50 geared motor drive.

Bredel SP15 Peristaltic Pump

15mm inlet / outlet connections. 1.1 kW 1410-rpm 415/3/50 EXNII T3 motor and variable speed gearbox. Output shaft speeds of 7.1-44 rpm.

Ragazzini PSF2 Peristaltic Pump

¾" / 18mm BSP inlet / outlet connections. 0.37 kW 1410-rpm 230-240/380-415/3/50 geared motor drive.

Kecol PV4 Peristaltic Pump

50mm inlet / outlet connections. 7.5 kW 415/3/50 variable speed drive.

Watson Marlow Bredel SPX50 Peristaltic Pump

50mm inlet / outlet connections. 4 kW 415/3/50 1450-rpm geared motor.