Lobe & Gear Pumps Stainless Steel


SSP Type SR/2/O13/LS Stainless Steel Lobe Pump

18mm flanged connections. 0.55kW 1440-rpm 415/3/50 EExdIIB T4 geared motor. Heating saddles to top and base of head.

SSP 100ND Stainless Steel Lobe Pump

25mm BSP inlet / outlet. 0.25kW 415/3/50 variable speed gearbox.

Johnson "TOP WING" model TW3/0537-50/08-W17-DO Stainless Steel 316L / Duplex Bi-Lobe Pump

50mm inlet / outlet. Bare shaft

Johnson "Top Wing" TW2/0343-50/02-W12-DB22-VV Stainless Steel 316L / Duplex Bi-Lobe Pump

50mm inlet / outlet. 3kW 415/3/50 (Ex) II 2G cT4 Benzler geared motor drive giving 201rpm shaft output. Full length base plate.

Wright Flowtech OL3/0054/15 2" Stainless Steel Bi-Lobe Pump

0.54 litres per revolution. Geared motor drive on stainless steel base plate. Ex-food application

Alfa Laval type SRU3/038/LD Stainless Steel 316L Duplex Lobe Pump

50mm inlet/outlet. 2.2kW 415/3/50 EExdIIBT4 Opperman geared motor giving 395 rpm shaft output speed. Full length base plate. Mechanical seals.

Alfa Laval type SR/3/038/LS/3A Stainless Steel 316L Lobe Pump

50mm inlet / outlet 2.2kW 1420-rpm 415/3/50 EExdIIB T4 motor with Opperman reduction gearbox. Full base plate. Mechanical seals

Alfa Laval (IBEX) MOG 1020 Stainless Steel Lobe Pump

2", (50mm) triclover hygienic connections on inlet / outlet. Manually adjustable pressure relief valve in the pump head. SEW Eurodrive 3kW 415/3/50 geared motor drive giving 210-rpm shaft output speed. Mounted on common stainless steel base plate.

SSP type AP300/C80/SJ Stainless Steel Lobe Pump

75mm inlet / outlet. Jacketed head. Bare shaft

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Size 220 Stainless Steel Bi-Lobe Pump

Waukesha Cherry Burrell

4", (100mm) inlet / outlet with hygienic male threaded connections. Mechanical seals. Rated for 0.52 gallons (US), 1.96 litres per revolution. Nominal capacity up to 70.4 cum / hour. Maximum pressure 200 psi. Bareshaft.

Waukesha Cherry Burrell 040 U2 2" Stainless Steel Bi-Lobe Pump

Mounted on stainless steel base plate. Triclover fittings. 0.288 litre per revolution. Complete with geared motor drive and stainless steel cover.