50000+ Litres Stainless Steel Storage Vessel


64300 Litres Stainless Steel 316 Vertical Storage Vessel

3120mm DIA x  8000mm deep on straight. Fully welded cone top and bottom. Approximately 360mm DEEP to cone and 600mm DEEP bottom cone. Top centre mounted LIGHTNIN model EWP-75 agitator with 0.75kW 1425-rpm 415/3/50 Eexd IIB T4 drive. 50mm internal warming coil at bottom of straight side. Manufactured by Pontifex

65000 Litres Vertical Stainless Steel 316 Storage Vessel

3295 mm DIA x 7120 mm deep. Fully welded dished ends with mild steel support skirt and base ring.

69000 Litre Stainless Steel Vertical Storage Vessel

3970mm dia x 5590mm deep. Cone top. Flat base. Extensive internal coil


104000 Litres Vertical Stainless Steel 304L Storage Vessel

3650mm DIA x 10,000mm deep on straight. Fully welded flat base & cone top. Internal coil design pressure: 10 barg. Manufactured by Pontifex

109800 Litres Stainless Steel Vertical Storage Vessel

4275mm dia x 7650mm. Cone top. Flat base.