1001- 5000 Litres Stainless Steel Mixing Vessels


1800 Stainless Steel Jacketed Paste / Creams Mixing Vessel

1260mm dia x 1030mm deep on straight. 1270mm deep cone base. Gate type agitator running at close tolerance to the vessel walls with bottom footstep bearing and screw type discharge. 2.2 kW 415/3/50 motor. Estimated output shaft speed 20 -rpm. External stainless steel temperature control jacket to sides and base cone.Ex-pharmaceutical.

2750 Litre Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel

1380mm diameter x 1720mm deep with welded flat top and welded dished base. Mounted on Mild steel support legs. 2.2kW ATEX agitator with 3 pairs of paddle blades.

Netzsch Mastermix PMD 3000 Litre Stainless Steel

1.45m dia x 1.55m deep on straight plus 1.25m deep truncated cone base.  7.5kW geared motor main drive. 10 rpm output speed.

37kW 1470-rpm direct driven saw tooth dispersion mixer Hydraulic height adjustment with 4kW power pack.

4400 Litres Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel

1610mm dia x 2385mm deep on straight. Flat top with segment hinged section. Concave dished base. Top centre mounted three tier agitator with flat angled paddle blades, footstep bearing and four swirl breakers. Driven by estimated 5.5kW motor through a reduction gearbox giving approximately 30-rpm shaft output speed.

4800 Litres Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel With High Shear Mixer

1620mm dia x 2370mm deep on straight. Flat top with segment hinged section. Flat sloping base. Estimated 15kW high shear homogeniser type mixer with approximately 1560mm long shaft