Paddle / Turbine Agitators & Mixers


Lightnin HS75 Agitator Gearbox and Motor

2.2 kW 380-420/3/50 1420-rpm motor. Flange mount.



Lightnin LQ110 Agitator Gearbox and Motor

1.1 kW 700 rpm 220/380 - 420/3/50 motor. Shaft output speed 145 rpm.



Mariotti & Pecini model AV20/18/26.134 Stainless Steel Turbine Agitator

Mariotti & Pecini

1.5kW / 1.8kW 400/3/50 motor with variable speed gearbox. MARIOTTI & PECINI model AV20/18/26.134 440mm dia 4-blade angled paddle turbine on 1800mm long x 40mm dia shaft. Suitable for bridge or flange mount.

Plenty Model PVG55 Stainless Steel Agitator

0.01 - 0.55kW inverter rated 415/3/50 Eexd IIB T4 motor with reduction gearbox giving 190-rpm shaft output speed. 390mm Dia 3-blade marine propeller with stabiliser ring on 1820mm Long x 30mm Dia shaft. Currently set for flange mount.