Blender Dryers


Draiswerke TK 400 Turbu Knetter Stainless Steel Paste Mixer Dryer

450 litres gross volume body with twin screw product feed and 55kW main drive. Stainless steel temperature control jacket. Becker blade agitator rotating at 175 rpm. Bottom plug valve discharge.

750 Litres Stainless Steel Jacketed Blender Dryer

750 litre gross volume, 500 litre estimated working volume, 0.785m diameter x 1.5m long on straight. Six off "Becker" type scraper blades. 15 kW 415/3/50 motor with pulley and belt transfer to a reduction gearbox. External heating jacket. Body internally rated for 50 psi. Jacket rated for 75 psi. Ex-food use.